Change offer up specific Opportunities  –  A long term perspective in our investments.

What we do is equity investments in SMEs with a strong entrepreneurial flair and the desire to challenge themselves and grow. We pursue growth and operational excellence in the long term, without constrains regarding the duration of our investments. We foster the enterprise value with appropriate HR and technology investments. 

What we do is understanding change/trends and availing of the resulting opportunities, supporting our entrepreneurial/managing partners in undertaking the most appropriate courses of action to drive these opportunities into growth and profit for our companies.

What we do is investing in private (PE&VC) and public (PIPE) equity: our group provides also institutional portfolio management services (PMS).

  • PE&VC. Our enterprise value range, typically in the euro 10 to 200 mn range, is flexible to include specific opportunities. Our target SMEs are in the Euro 10 to 300 million turnover range, acting in one or more segments of the value chain (manufacturing to retailing) with a foreseeable business model (brand-led, product/process-led, tech-led,….). In addition to healthcare, medical devices and engineering (mechanical, security, industrial, advanced materials,….), our industry focus includes consumers (luxury/branding, personal care, …..), highly scalable digital businesses and others.
  • PIPE. We maintain our focus on enhancing the business value in the interest of all shareholders also when investing in public equity. Our nature of private/long term investor makes us extremely selective in PIPE in order to avoid speculative situations (Case study: MIC:IM).
  • PMS. MCP Group provides Private Equity portfolio management services for institutional portfolios having a minimum enterprises value of Euro 100 million. Our customer list of private and institutional investors includes GE, IntesaSanpaolo, Heller Financial, ABN Amro and others. In the investment-sharing perspective, sometimes the group provides board membership services for institutional (currently Nord Est Investment Partners III and Overseas Industries) and for portfolio companies (as in the case of 21 Investimenti) .