SMEs: How we act


Partnerships with successful entrepreneurs. Our partners hold management skills and experience relevant to the companies in which we invest (though not necessarily currently employed by them). We have a history of success in partnering with entrepreneurial management teams to create long term growth and value in our companies. In succession cases, we demonstrated to be the best way to diversify the investment holding and benefit from the fulfillment of the potential created in the family business.

Backing our companies’ management.  Our management expertise and our broad network of relevant contacts help to equip businesses in most areas – particularly those where SMEs are notably weaker (i.e. operations, support in key export markets, governance, acquisition of key competitors,). Our track record and partnerships allow our companies a unique support in key business areas, including access to several executives and non-executive professionals who served as managers and directors in our portfolio.

Acting as General Partner in our investments.  We ensure clear guidance in company ownership and management. We execute both minority and majority investments, also in the form of “club deals” with our network of selected limited partners. In certain cases our co-investors hold competence/potential to contribute specific know-how and support to our companies. We ensure management independence while lining up its interests with those of Investors. Our EVCA-code compliant governance allows priority ordered co-investment rights to our LPs, preventing potential conflict of interest.