Our Values permit to preserve our Freedom.

VISIONchange creates significant growth opportunities for profitable companies by improving substantially people’s wellness and environmental sustainability. MISSION: act as an exceptional partner in driving growth and profit opportunities for companies that advance significant quality improvement in people’s wellness and environmental sustainability.  

VALUES:  Independence, dedication to Excellence, Accountability (being Responsible to those who have placed their Trust in us), Integrity, Cordiality, Transparency. Why we are different ? Here at least 3 reasons:

  1. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. Being passive in socially risky situations equates to cooperate/sustain these situations (M.L.King)We choose clear and transparent actions in unclear situations/adverse environments (stated in 2011 Spencer Stuart management assessment). We experienced defending moral causes knowing there were personal causes or risk.
  2. LONG STANDING RELATIONSHIPS. Sharing common values permits easiness/delightfulness, helping to avoid conflicts even in difficult situations. Building long standing relationships matters to us; we share the same Fundamental Values with our Partners. 
  3. PRESERVING FREEDOM.  True Values prevails on hunger for money, thus sometimes preserving  Freedom (e.g. in large organizations: use of group power, control, pressure, moral disengagement, corruption, diffusion of responsibility, obedience to authority). Our Values have preserved our Freedom.

The life of Riccardo Argenziano (1913 – 2005), Esteemed Professor and Master of Industry inspires us.